SpiroThor - Mobile Handheld Spirometer

Mobile Handheld Spirometer

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SpiroThor is a pulmonary function diagnostics and monitoring device.
SpiroThor is suitable for screening COPD and asthma.

Precision: 2 %
Thermo printer available,
no printer toner or ink required,
only thermo paper,
reduced costs on the long term!
Resolution: 8 mL/sec
Flow Range: +- 18 L/Sec
Digital sampling rate: 100 MHz
Flow dimensions: 30 mm (OD) X 150 mm
Device dimensions: 85 X 120 X 35 mm
Communication: USB, Bluetooth, Serial
Power Supply: USB 5 V or 4,2 V battery (rechargeable, included)
Measurement principle:

Connection to PC or PDA or Mobile Phone via Bluetooth

Connection to PC via USB or Bluetooth

Graphical user interface, Quarter VGA (320X240 pixels), 16 million colors

No moving parts

Standard pulmonary function parameters: (FVC, -FEV*0.5, FEV*0.5/IVC, FEV*0.5/FVC, FEV*1.0/IVC, FEV*1.0/FVC, PEF, FEF*25-75%, MEF*75%, MEF*50%, MEF*25%, FET, MTT, FIVC, FIV*0.5, FIV*1.0, PIF, FIF*25-75%, VC, IRV, ERV, TV, Peep (Pressure min), Breath rate value
Insp./Expi Ratio : From 1:10 to 10:1
ThorSoft Pulmonary Diagnostics PC software
  - All standard medical interfaces (HL7, GDT, BDT, XML)
  - Automatic interpretation module
  - Diagnostic decision support system for general practitioners and physicians
  - Complete stress testing procedures


  - Haemoglobin saturation (integrated oximeter)
Small, handheld thermoprinter available

Automatic internal calibration, (external validation with calibration pump available as an option)

  • Tele-medical connection via Bluetooth
  • Firmware upgrade option via Internet
  • Plug & Play USB PC connection detection
  • Easy upgrade, standard interfaces, e.g. O2 or CO2 analog boards attachable
  • Human voice communication with the patient
  • Long-term monitoring for home care use
  • Pharmaceutical testing subsystem
  • The inner surface of the flow tube is continuous, it can be disinfected with cold disinfecting liquid