HRV Analiz Sistemleri

Vegetotester - istemdışı sinir sistemi çalışmaları için dijital cihaz 

Nowadays vegetotesters manufactured by Neurosoft Company provide the real opportunity to the practicing physicians to make a complex study of the autonomic nervous system with the use of such techniques as:

  • Heart rate variability analysis (HRV) at rest according to the International standard (“Heart Rate Variability Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation, and Clinical Use”, 1996)
  • Heart rate variability analysis at orthostatic test performing (determination of the orthostatic test autonomic provision)
  • Diagnostics of diabetic and alcoholic neuropathy with the use of the cardiovascular reflex tests recommended on the conference in San-Antonio (1998) (standard battery of tests according to D. Ewing)
  • Cross-analysis of the heart rate variability and breath rate variability allowing to assess the level of these systems synchronization