Vegetotester - istemdışı sinir sistemi çalışmaları için dijital cihaz 

Nowadays vegetotesters manufactured by Neurosoft Company provide the real opportunity to the practicing physicians to make a complex study of the autonomic nervous system with the use of such techniques as:

  • Heart rate variability analysis (HRV) at rest according to the International standard (“Heart Rate Variability Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation, and Clinical Use”, 1996)
  • Heart rate variability analysis at orthostatic test performing (determination of the orthostatic test autonomic provision)
  • Diagnostics of diabetic and alcoholic neuropathy with the use of the cardiovascular reflex tests recommended on the conference in San-Antonio (1998) (standard battery of tests according to D. Ewing)
  • Cross-analysis of the heart rate variability and breath rate variability allowing to assess the level of these systems synchronization

Advantages of VNS-Micro

VNS-Micro provides the simultaneous study of heart rate and breath rate and also the performing of cross-analysis of heart rate (HRV) and breath rate variability (BRV).

The availability of the breath sensor gives the possibility to perform correctly the results interpretation of patients with the rare breath rhythm and the children.  


Cardiovascular Reflex Tests by D. Ewing is a “Golden Standard” of ANS Assessment

Vegetotester from Neurosoft Company implements the cardiovascular reflex tests battery by D. Ewing which, in spite of the long existence, remains the “golden standard” of ANS assessment, in particular for the patients suffering from diabetic and toxic autonomic neuropathy.

The software provides the representation of the complex assessment in points with the graphical and text interpretation.

The delivery set for the cardiovascular reflex test performing includes the following:

  • Tonometer
  • Special system with manometer and valve allowing to perform the continuous exhalation with the specified resistance
  • Set of mouthpieces
  • Handgrip dynamometer for the test with the isometric voltage

vnsmicro img1b 1

vnsmicro img2b

Electrocardogram and Pneumogram

Electrocardiogram with QRS markers and calculated R-R intervals; pneumogram with markers at the start of each breath cycle and calculated “breath-breath” intervals.



Rhythmogram is a graphic chart that shows the dependence of R-R interval duration on time. Rhythmogram oscillations are the result of the regulation systems influence on heart (HRV in particular).


Orthostatic test rhythmogram

Orthostatic test rhythmogram. The wave appearing in the first 30 sec is the vagus reaction.



Spectrogram is a graphic chart that shows the dependence of rhythmogram oscillations amplitude on their frequency. Frequency ranges are differently colored: the dark blue area is proportional to the parasympathetic regulation power; the red area is proportional to the sympathetic regulation power.

Orthostatic test spectrogram. Here one may clearly observe sympathetic response — the red area increase.


Checkup report of the HRV analysis

Example of checkup report of the HRV analysis.


Valsalva maneuver rhythmogram

Valsalva maneuver rhythmogram.


Cardiovascular Reflex Test

Interpretation of the cardiovascular reflex tests results.

 vnsmicro ss1b 1 thumb

vnsmicro ss2b thumb

vnsmicro ss4b thumb

vnsmicro ss7b thumb

  • vnsmicro devicebVNS-Micro electronic unit
  • Patient cable for VNS-Rhythm and VNS-Micro
  • Reusable limb clamp ECG electrode (Italy) – 4 pcs.
  • Breath sensor BS-4-20 – 2 pcs.
  • Set of equipment for cardiovascular reflex tests
    • Tonometer
    • Handgrip dynamometer
    • Manometer with attachment for Valsalva maneuver
    • Mouthpiece – 20 pcs.
  • Electrode gel (bottle with dispenser 250 g)
  • Poly-Spectrum.NET software with Poly-Spectrum-Rhythm module for heart rate variability study
  • Technical manual
  • User manual