ABR ve OAE Sistemleri

Yeni doğan, çocuk ve yetişkinlerin odiometri ABR ve OAE için Dijital Sistem 

2-channel ABR, OAE, VEMP, ASSR and ECochG System

Main Features:

  • all-in-one solution for auditory EP and OAE acquisition
  • automatic multi-ASSR test
  • high acquisition quality
  • VEMP with biofeedback
  • new standard for routine tests

Yeni doğan işitme tarama sistemi ABR (BERA) 

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2-channel device for ABR-testing

complete solution for ABR testing;
high quality of recording;
Chirp stimulus;
ultimate set of transducers;
new standard in clinical routine.

Computer-based audiometer

complete solution for pure tone audiometry;
compact size and low weight;
configurable masking noise;
ultimate set of transducers;
new standard in clinical routine.

Tiny OAE Device for Hearing Screening

Smallest in the world, yet powerful.
Hearing screening using TEOAE and DPOAE techniques.
Easy customizable test templates.
Bluetooth connection to export data and print out.
Android compatible.

Portable Touchscreen System for Hearing Screening of Newborns (to Perform OAE)

objective audiometry: TEOAE and DPOAE
intuitive and user-friendly
wireless Bluetooth interface to export data and print exam results on wireless printer
hearing screening in noisy environment
device memory – 512 Mb, support of SD card up to 32 Gb

portable system for OAE, ABR, Impedance Testing and hearing screening

  • true hybrid - OAE, ABR and tympanometry in one powerful device
  • OAE and automated-ABR hearing screening
  • Really portable middle ear analyzer
  • High-frequency tympanometry
  • ABR test with wave V Jewett marker
  • Simple and user-friendly touchscreen interface